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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Action Packed Fantasy Books Are Hard to Find

It seems that in the world of publishing, most books are split in their respective genres such as fantasy, action adventure, murder mystery, etc, which make finding action packed fantasy books difficult to find.

Problem is, then books are usually confined to a specific format when, or a generally excepted perception of those books is held regarding the style of it. A fantasy is then held against Tolkien, any new action adventure is held against Indiana Jones or even James Patterson, but what if your book melds multiple genres into one?

This a problem I faced when I began writing Crossblade (previously Paladin). I grew up playing games like Final Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Cross - all fantasy games with tons of action. And while I highly revere the works of Tolkien like many others, the slow paced fantasy (sorry kid that wrote Eragon, George Martin, so on) is just not for me. I wanted fantasy with a kick, by jove!

A good example of books like this are the Legend of Drizzt books. While the characters may be a trifle (understated) archetypical of the fantasy genre, I sped-read those books because they held my interest. Salvatore blends old school fantasy with upbeat action, and he's written over twenty book!

So is it possible to have action and fantasy together in one ream of pages? I say aye!

Good Reading fellow acfan (action fantasy) readers!

- Coty Schwabe

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