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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome to the Typist Chronicles

Hello potential reader. Welcome to the Typist Chronicles, an experiment to convey the randomness that is the ideas for my book series to come, Everlasting Fate. Everlasting Fate is actually not the name of the book series itself, but rather the umbrella or project name of the series as a whole.


Did your brain just melt, or are you confused as to why you're even here? Well guess what: I'm confused. But glad you made it to be sure!

The Typist Chronicles actually began a few weeks ago when I seriously got to writing and realized I should have been keeping notes (D'oh!). Hopefully you'll follow me as I chronicle my way into becoming a real, recognized author, rather than just another guy at a keyboard, punching keys and filling white space. My goal is not fame or fortune, but rather to make a mark on the world. Well that... and to fill up some of the free time I have during the day while I watch my 19 month old son!

I'll be posting some status updates soon (tomorrow probably) as well as the original entries in the Typist Chronicles chronology.

I fare thee well newfound friend. Til next we meet.

- Coty Schwabe


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