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Friday, November 22, 2013

Two Book for 99 Cents - Limited Time

So I've been away for a while and I wanted to drop in with a quick update.

The story of Acbain is no longer free. I hated to do it, but in all honesty I wanted to get more people interested in the story of one of my favorite characters. However, the good news is that Acbain is only 99 cents and can now be downloaded right here on Amazon, or on Smashwords of course

The other exciting story I wanted to mention is my new mini-series, East from Eden, which starts with Book One: Wrath. The series follows Burk Wallace, a mysterious gun-wielding wanderer in search of two unknown people. While passing through a small desert town in Nevada, a supernatural disasters strike the town and globe alike, throwing Burk into a fight for survival. Will he survive? Click here to find out.

Last bit of news. The Crossblade rewrite, dubbed GotC, is coming along well, though I haven't written in a while. Once the holidays are passed, and I have finished a few other projects, the book should be finished by June of next year.

I'm currently working on two non-fiction books; one about time management (one of my favorite subjects) and the other one is about finding your purpose in life. Fun stuff!

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