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Monday, December 17, 2012

Music or Silence

When you work do you listen to music, or sit in silence?

I used to try to work in silence, but I found it somewhat disturbing. I found that I was unmotivated.

Then, recently, I came upon a post by a fellow blogger that said he listens to upbeat techno, or jazz. Music that has a quick rhythm, but few words. That sounded good, and I emulated that suggestion.

And it worked... sort of.

I found that I needed more. I needed pulse pounding beats, not background noise.

I started looking up what my favorite authors (Ted Dekker, Stephen King) listened to.

Stephen listens to hard rock. This is understandable, for many of his books even reference specific rock songs. Also, with some of the things he writes it just does not surprise me at all.

Then I researched Ted Dekker. Come to find out that he listens to loud rock music as well! Heck, at one point he was listening to the Tron Legacy Soundtrack - which I have as well.

I found it extremely fascinating, for this encouraged me a latte. In fact, it reminded me of high school. In my junior year, I had honors English. The class was tough, and we had to write essays practically every week. What's ironic is that was the only class that I ever got 100% on essays I've ever written. And guess what I did when I wrote them? I was listening to hard rock, the night before it was due while I pounded away at that keyboard, baby.

What about you, Present Reader? What do you listen to when you write (be it books, poetry or work?). I'd love to hear your take.


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