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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paladin Now Live on Amazon

Hile, readers!

This morning (approximately 12:08) I finally put the ebook version of my book, Paladin on Amazon. I am still in the works of getting a publisher, but in the meantime, you can grab the electronic copy for just 3 bucks from the link in the sidebar.

While I must say I'm proud of the book itself, the cover is drab and mediocre at best. If you're reading this, and either are or know someone who could design a better one, please contact me either via email or comment below.

What is Paladin?

The Crossblade Chronicles will eventually become a full trilogy at least, though there are more stories to come in the same world.

Everlasting fate is really a large umbvrella of different sets and series that all take place in the same world, either before or about the same time as this introduction series - the Crossblade Chronicles.

Paladin introduces Leon VanDesh, our young protagonist (as most fantasy stories semm to gravitate towards) and the struggles he faces both internally as well as externally. It also focuses on his love interest and those that are closest to him, as well as the select few whose destinies intertwine with his own to become one intricate tapestry.

I will post the first few pages on this very site (if interested) or you can request a sample for your kindle from Amazon's sales page for that item. (Again, link to the item in the sidebar.)

Other than that, I've got nothing. Later all!


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